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Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis

Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time : The Ultimat...

This book already looks wonderful with just the few photos. I would love to win this book and take my sewing to a new level. I do not sew clothing very often, but at times it is the perfect solution to so many issues. Thank you for this opportunity to win. I hope that you have a wonderful day creating!

Sew many dresses, sew little time : the ultimat...

Lizzie A. Wilson Goodenough understood the uselessness complaining; her life as a domestic worker spared little time for a moment's rest and none for self-pity. Despite her constant chores, including washing, ironing, baking, sweeping, and sewing, she found time to write at least seven volumes of pocket diaries in which she narrates her own life story. (1) Born in 1844 in Brattleboro, Vermont, where she continued to live and work, Lizzie A. Wilson was orphaned in 1860 and left with only one surviving family member, her brother Edd. Without family support, Lizzie depended solely on her own income from domestic situations and sewing for survival; (2) her diaries chronicle her stringing together of numerous short-term jobs requiring constant movement between families, residences, and financial situations. This working-class woman, absorbed primarily by her material existence, did not focus on her burdens but instead created a space for an independent and spirited personality to emerge in her diary. Reading throu gh years of entries about her various jobs, occasional social events, her eventual marriage, and the birth of her two children, Arthur (1871) and Lizzie Cora (1874), I found myself entirely engaged by this lively and self-sufficient personality willing to work hard despite often feeling as drained as "a stewed cat." Faced with a life of perpetual labor, Lizzie manages to form this labor into a narrative of her own. 041b061a72


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