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Hoʻokela Hawaiian Heritage and Culture Center at Pualeilani, Hyatt Regency Waikīkī, is a place where people from all over the world can engage in authentic Hawaiian arts & crafts, experiences, and stories that leave with them a unique imprint of these beautiful islands in the pacific.


Hawaiian Cultural Activities

If you are looking for activities in Hawaiʻi while staying on Oʻahu, the fun cultural experiences that we have here at Hoʻokela are sure to create memories that will stay with the entire family

Basic ʻUkulele

Developed from the small Portuguese guitar, the ʻukulele is a uniquely Hawaiian instrument representative of the multi-ethic plantation era of Hawaii. Come and learn about proper hand placement, strumming technique, and basic chords. You will apply what you learned through playing several introductory songs. Our hope is that we can ignite your passion for our Hawaiian instrument so that you may continue your study back home.


Introduction to Hula

Hula is deeply rooted in Hawaiian tradition and ceremony. We explain to our participants the historical and cultural context of Hula in Hawaii as well as introduce authentic footwork and handwork found in Hula 'Auana (Contemporary Hula). Fun for everyone.


ʻOhe Kāpala

(Hawaiian Bamboo Stamping)

Bamboo Stamping is an indigenous Hawaiian art form used to imprint moʻōlelo (stories) onto kapa (paper fabric) for generations. Use our various ʻOhe Kāpala designs to stamp & create your very own moʻōlelo on stationery to take back home with you.


Keiki Corner

Kids Corner. A program designed to teach keiki (children) and mākua (guardians) about aloha. Kanaka maoli, Lahela Chandler along with Ann Hettinger authored a series of books with this as their goal, which have become a part of the Kauaʻi DOE curriculum. At Hoʻokela, we also utilize these resources for our Keiki Corner program.


Huakaʻi Hele

(Walking Tour)

Join us for a 45min tour and a short walk through the Hyatt property and across the street to Waikīkī while we talk about the rich history hidden underneath all the buildings here at Pualeilani (the name of the land section surrounding Hyatt). This is a great time to ask your questions about Hawaiian history, culture and language!


Lei Lāʻī

(Traditional Tī-Leaf Lei Making)

Come and learn a very traditional lei making technique as old as when the first early-Hawaiians had settled here in Hawaiʻi. We educate the cultural significance and importance of lei and you get to weave something from the knowledge we pass to you. Fun for the entire ʻohana!


‘Ulana Lauhala

(Hawaiian Lauhala Weaving)

Auntie Caroline Affonso continues to share her ʻike hawaiʻi o ka ulana lauhala (traditional Hawaiian knowledge of lauhala weaving) with us at Hoʻokela. Participants learn the history of the Hala tree and gain insight into how the leaves of this tree have been used for generations in Hawaiʻi. Learn how to make a momento to cherish forever.


Papa ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi

Introduction to the Hawaiian Language Class. Haumāna (students) learn correct pronunciation, useful vocabulary, and several Hawaiian sentence patterns to be able to Hoʻolauna (introduce oneself). Come learn the language of Hawaiʻi.



Hula + Exercise = "Hula-cise"!

In an effort to echo Hyatt’s mission of well-being always, we have launched Hula-cise, a low-impact exercise program composed of traditional hula steps.


Nā Mele Aliʻi

(Music Honoring the Chiefs)

Live music event with mele Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian music) dedicated to honoring the many ʻōpūaliʻi (chiefs who gave freely from their hearts to their people) of the lands surrounding Pualeilani. Join us for a weekly celebration held every Wednesday.


Kuʻuipo Kumukahi 

Director of Hawaiian Culture and Community Relations

- Hyatt Regency Waikīkī

Multi Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award-Winning Musician, Kuʻuipo Kumukahi is paving the way for re-establishing Hawaiian spaces in Waikīkī. Hoʻokela serves as a representation of both Kuʻuipo’s and Hyatt’s vision to uplift Hawaiian Culture and Mele Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Music).

Who are We?

Ho’okela Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY  |  8:00am - 3:00pm


Address and Phone Number

2424 Kalākaua Ave., Honolulu, HI, 96815



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